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Glacier National Park studies the possible return of free-roaming bison

Mike Albans

Glacier National Park officials are studying the return of free-roaming bison. The park received nearly $2 million in federal funding to advance projects including the reintroduction efforts started by the Blackfeet Nation.

Glacier will study how deer and elk use the park for grazing before bison return to the landscape. The park will also try to estimate herd sizes. That information will help researchers understand the impact of reintroducing bison.

The Blackfeet Nation last year released about two dozen animals along the border of the park and the herd is expected to move into Glacier as it grows.

The federal funds will also support efforts to inventory cultural resources such as ancient camp sites impacted by climate change. Funding will go toward whitebark pine restoration as well.

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Aaron is Montana Public Radio's Flathead reporter.