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Candidate filing closes in Montana, 13 candidates seek Eastern Congressional seat

Candidate filing for races in Montana ended Monday and ballots for the 2024 elections are starting to take shape.

Thirteen candidates officially filed for the open seat in Montana's second Congressional district, which is currently held by Rep. Matt Rosendale.

Rosendale filed his candidacy for the seat on Feb. 28, but withdrew two weeks later, citing frustration with Congress and changing personal interests.

Many of Rosendale's fellow Republicans who were interested in the seat held off on officially filing paperwork with the secretary of state, saying they were waiting to see what the incumbent congressman would do.

Ken Bogner, Tory Downing, and Denny Rehberg, all Republicans, filed their paperwork on Monday, hours before the deadline.

Now on the ballot are nine Republicans and four Democrats, setting up a multi-candidate primary for each party.

For the Republican, it will be Elsie Arntzen, Kyle Austin, Ken Bogner, Troy Downing, Ric Holden, Joel Krautter, Denny Rehberg, Ed Walker and Stacy Zinn.

For the Democrats–it will be Ming Cabrera, John Driscoll, Kevin Hamm, and Steve Held.

Montana’s primary race will be on June 4th.