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Yellowstone at 150

The world’s first national park is turning 150 years old this year. While many of the natural wonders like Old Faithful and Yellowstone Falls look the way they did then, a lot has changed in the last century and a half.

The climate has altered how we interact with the park. Wildlife populations have fluctuated while human visitation has boomed. The park is further acknowledging Native American connections to the park as it explores its human history. These are the exciting challenges and opportunities facing the park as it marks its 150th year.

Over the next several months, Yellowstone Public Radio will look at how the park is learning from its past and how it’s bringing in new perspectives and ideas that will shape the future. Throughout the year, we’ll also bring you special coverage of happenings inside the park related to the 150th milestone.

yellowstone wide 1 loc.jpg
Detroit Publishing Company photograph collection (Library of Congress)
Yellowstone Falls circa 1892