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Gianforte Administration Orders Half Of State Employees Back To Work Sites

The Gianforte administration is ordering half of state employees in Montana to return to their physical job sites starting June 14. Many have been working from home since the coronavirus pandemic began.

In an email, Montana Department of Administration Director Misty Ann Giles wrote employees will return to their offices in stages, as determined by their managers.

Face masks will be optional, though some employees at prisons, hospitals and other buildings will be required to wear them.

A memo encourages employees to get a COVID-19 shot and includes Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance for unvaccinated people, including to remain six feet away from others. The CDC also recommends unvaccinated people wear masks around others.

The memo says the state won’t grant new telework agreements for now, though agencies will study remote work for state employees in coming months.

The state will consider bringing more employees back to the office after reviewing the safety of this stage, according to the memo.