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Rosendale Objects, Daines Certifies

Editor's note: This story will be updated.

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines reversed course Wednesday evening, joining a majority of Senators in certifying Joe Biden’s presidential election win over Donald Trump. The state’s newly sworn in Republican U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale did not.

Rosendale joined with other House Republicans objecting to electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania, which were ultimately certified by the House and Senate.

In a statement sent after a pro-Trump mob overtook the U.S. Capitol but before the vote, Rosendale said he would not be intimidated by “violence from the left or the right” and pledged to oppose certification of electors from “certain disputed states," without saying which.

Daines in a statement prior to the vote said, “We must restore confidence in our electoral process. We must, and we will, have a peaceful and orderly transition of power.”

Daines had previously signed onto a joint statement with 10 GOP Senators saying they would object to electoral results from certain states unless there was an emergency audit of election returns.

All three of Montana’s Congressional delegates condemned the violence that led to their evacuation Wednesday.