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Montana Governor Gets Warning In Killing Of Yellowstone Wolf

Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte officially announces his run for Montana's governor, June 14, 2019.
rowebotz (CC-by-SA-4.0)

Montana wildlife officials have given the state's governor a warning for killing a radio-collared wolf near Yellowstone National Park without first taking a mandated trapping education course.

Mountain West News Bureau first reported Gov. Greg Gianforte trapped and shot the wolf in February about 10 miles north of the park on a ranch owned by a director for Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

It’s legal to kill wolves in Montana with a valid license. However, trappers must first complete a three-hour online course that includes instruction on how to kill the animals ethically and lawfully.

Gianforte had a wolf license, and a spokesperson told the Mountain West News Bureau he has since enrolled for the trapping course.

According to reporting from the Helena Independent Record, Gianforte illegally killed an elk in 2000.

The IR reports the case did not go to trial and Gianforte paid a $70 fine.