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Q&A: Ken Bogner, Republican candidate for U.S. House District 02

Ken Bogner

We are gathering information from all statewide candidates as a resource for the 2024 Primary Elections. Responses were limited to 200 words per question. Political attacks may have been removed, but otherwise, the responses are published unedited.

What is your full name as it will appear on ballots?

Ken Bogner

What is your age?


Where do you live?

Miles City, MT

What is your education background?

BA Columbia University/MA Middlesex University U.K.

Please list your current and previous occupations

Current MT Senator and President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Served in the United States Marine Corps (2005-2009), two combat tours to Iraq.

What motivated you to seek a seat in the U.S. House?

My younger brother was wounded in Afghanistan and friends I served with in the Marines never came home; to then watch the botched withdrawal was completely unacceptable. Another national security failure is now currently happening at our southern border. I did border security missions on the Iraq/Syria border on my second combat deployment; I know how important it is to have a secure border. As a Marine, I could not stand by and let these national security failures continue. Having the experience of what it takes to secure a border and having passed the bill to prohibit foreign adversaries from buying our land in Montana has given me the most experience to stop the invasion of our country, which cannot continue. This is what motivated me to run for Congress.

What, if anything, should Congress do to ease impacts of inflation and cost of living in Montana?

Congress must pass a balanced budget provision. Spending money the government does not have is causing inflation to spiral out of control, making things more expensive for Montanans. A balanced budget provision will stop Congress from continuing the out-of-control spending and will lower inflation.

Yes, or no, do you support a federal ban on abortion?

I am pro-life. I have voted for all pro-life bills in the Montana legislature and will do the same in Congress. I also believe in Federalism and the states should be determining their laws.

What changes, if any, should be made to the way elections and campaigns are funded?

Individuals and their immediate family members should not be able to give the candidate’s campaign more personal donations than the salary of the office. Candidates are giving their Congressional campaigns more money than the salary of the office because they know they will make up the money while in Congress, they see Congress as a way to get rich. That must end.

What, if anything, should Congress do to improve the nation's immigration laws and security at the southern border?

Congress must close the gaps in the southern border wall, end catch and release, bring back the “remain in Mexico” policy. Congress must also reform the legal immigration system to a merit based system that allow people to enter who will assimilate and be an asset to the U.S. and not be a drain on it.

What should be the top priorities when managing public land?

The top priority is to let the most local level manage public land. The federal government should not be buying up more land but should leave it up to the states to determine the best use.

What, if anything, should Congress do to address climate change?

Congress should not be subsidizing “green energy” with our tax dollars.

What, if anything, should Congress do to ensure Social Security and Medicare benefits meet the needs of older adults?

Congress needs to get inflation under control so it is not crippling everyday Americans, especially those on a fixed income. To get inflation under control, Congress cannot keep printing money it does not have. It needs to pass a balanced budget amendment.

What, if anything, should the federal government do to address law enforcement challenges on American Indian reservations? Should Congress increase/decrease/leave unchanged funding for law enforcement in tribal communities?

The federal government should reform BIA and FBI resources to focus on drug enforcement operations. This includes increasing the penalties for fentanyl traffickers.

What, if anything, would you do if elected to build trust in Congress?

I would stop members of Congress, and their spouses, from trading stocks while in office. Congress is using this as a way to get rich, it’s eroding trust in Congress and must stop.