A Conversation with "Resounds" Hosts Corby Skinner and Anna Paige

Aug 3, 2017

Corby Skinner and Anna Paige are the hosts of Resounds: Art and Culture on the High Plains, where they interview the people creating art in its myriad forms throughout the YPR listening area.  We sat down with them to talk about the show, making radio, and what interviews they're excited to bring to air. 

Corby Skinner (left) and Anna Paige (right)

Catch Corby and Anna on YPR every second and fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. And binge-listen to all of the episodes they've done so far online.

Q: How did Resounds come to be? How did the two of you come to do the show together?

ANNA: Resounds sprung up from a need in our radio community to create more regional programming. I was serving on YPR’s board of directors and a need was identified to create a public affairs programs focused on arts and culture. I was asked to help make that program a reality.

CORBY: I “semi-retired” in December 2016 so I could pursue more personal interests. I suggested the idea for an arts and culture program to the YPR staff, fondly remembering the wonderful programs Leni Holliman did for the station in the late 90s.

Q: Tell me about one major thing you’ve learned or that’s surprised you since starting the program.

CORBY: The recording booth is a strange, but very intimate space. I’m amazed how comfortable our guests are at holding a personal conversation and how willing they are to share their passion for the arts.

ANNA: As a writer, my work has been on paper. It’s very strange to hear your voice on a recording. Every “ummmm,”snort, smack and awkward pause or stumble is recorded. Thankfully, there’s some dynamite staff at YPR that help us sound fantastic on air!

Q: What do you want audiences to get out of the show? Has that evolved since you started?

CORBY: Montana and Wyoming are a rich environment for artists, musicians and writers, and arts and culture thrive, despite meager financial support from the local, state,  or federal sources. My hope for Resounds is that the program provides YPR listeners with both appreciation and information about the phenomenal arts in the region

ANNA: The goal of Resounds is to resonate with audiences and share the stories of creative people living and working in the intermountain west. We have such an incredible collective of artists, writers, musicians, and cultural influencers in our region, and we wanted to be able to share their stories. Resounds is a place for their stories of creation, success, and even their failures along the way. 

Q: What’s coming up on Resounds? Any interviews you’re particularly looking forward to? 

ANNA: I’m particularly excited to speak with artists Louis Habeck and Jerry David Cornelia. Both create fantastically playful and mischievous characters in their art. As well, I’m looking forward to visiting with Chelsia Rice (of Helena) and Ashley Warren (Billings) to discuss their sister organizations Helena Area Literary Arts and Billings Area Literary arts, which work actively to grow and empower the writing community. We have some fantastic writers as well lined up to discuss their recent books, including the Red Lodge-based writer John Clayton, who just released Wonderlandscape, focused on Yellowstone and its relationship to the values of the nation as a whole.

CORBY: I have interviewed lined up with Wyoming poet David Romtvedt and his daughter Caitlin, an amazing musician and vocalist; a show about the artist residency The Ucross Foundation in Clearmont, Wyoming; and an interview with Bozeman musicians violinist Angella Ahn and composer Eric Funk. Our interview with painter Juane Quick-To-See Smith and her son, the multi-disciplined artist Neal Ambrose-Smith, will air in early October; a delightful look at their close relationship and the exciting work of two vibrant contemporary Native American artists.