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Flathead County library director steps down over disagreements with board

The interim executive director of the Flathead County’s Imagine If library system has resigned due disagreements with board members over how the library’s book collection and staff are managed.

Interim Library Director Martha Furman says she resigned due to regular requests from some board members to oversee book selection and to be involved in the hiring of new staff.

Furman says typically boards oversee the executive director, not all library staff and content.

"So keeping those divisions very clear and holding that boundary helps protect the general public from political interference in their use of information and in their seeking of information" she said.

Furman says the tension was exacerbated by a recent public challenge against two books containing LGBTQ characters.

Furman’s last day is Dec. 10.

Imagine If Board Chairwoman Heidi Roedel says she may call a special meeting so the board can consider a public response to tensions between staff and board members.
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Aaron is Montana Public Radio's Flathead reporter.