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Montana Governor Candidates Each Raised Over $200K In Last Month

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Yellowstone Public Radio
2020 Montana Elections


The two leading candidates to become Montana’s next governor edged closer in fundraising over the last month reported. 

U.S. Congressman Greg Gianforte, the Republican nominee, raised more than $248,000 in campaign funds over the last filing period disclosed Monday, while his Democratic challenger, Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney raised more than $207,000 over the same span.

“The race, I think according to all indications, is going to be pretty close. So the money flowing into the two races seems to be commiserate,” Eric Raile, a Montana State University political scientist, said. 

Despite recent fundraising totals, Gianforte still holds a massive cash advantage overall, with $593,000 in the bank. Gianforte has loaned his campaign $1.5 million to date. Meanwhile, Cooney has about $170,000 on hand.

Raile said candidates with a cash disadvantage often rely on a robust ground game with lots of volunteers. He said restrictions tied to the novel coronavirus pandemic could make campaign funds, and by extension advertising, more impactful in this race.