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Montana AG joins call for Biden administration to resurrect Keystone XL pipeline

Keystone XL pipeline sections sit on a train near Glendive, Mont.
File photo
Keystone XL pipeline sections sit on a train near Glendive, Montana. Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen has joined other AGs in calling on the Biden administration to resurrect the project.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen joined attorneys general from 15 other states in calling on President Joe Biden to reinstate a permit for the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline.

The attorneys general echo other GOP politicians nationwide in demanding the pipeline’s resurrection amid the war on Ukraine and spiking gas prices.

In a letter sent earlier this month, the attorneys general criticize Biden’s energy policy and call for him to reauthorize the Keystone XL pipeline, even if it means another company were to take over the project.

The Keystone XL pipeline would have been an extension to Canadian company TC Energy’s existing U.S. pipeline system, and would have transported crude oil from the Canadian tar sands to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Biden withdrew a permit vital to the pipeline’s construction when he first took office. TC Energy is suing over the decision for $15 billion dollars.

The company officially canceled the project last year after more than a decade of pursuing construction. TC Energy announced this week that it’s expanding its infrastructure to Renewable Natural Gas, an alternative to traditional natural gas that comes from breaking down methane and carbon dioxide from operations like wastewater treatment plants or livestock farms.

Kayla writes about energy policy, the oil and gas industry and new electricity developments.