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Neo-Nazi website founder who targeted Flathead Valley residents allowed back on Twitter

After being banned for nearly a decade, the publisher of a neo-Nazi website that called on his followers to harass the Jewish community in the Flathead Valley has been allowed back on Twitter,

Andrew Anglin was banned from Twitter in 2013 for violating its community standards. Anglin is the publisher of a neo-Nazi website known for its racist and anti-semitic content. It appears that Anglin’s account was restored with a number of others in recent weeks, but it’s unclear why his account was reinstated.

Politico reported late last month that Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, changed the social media company's policy so that only “accounts that are pushing spam or breaking the law will remain banned.”

Cherilyn Devries with the Montana Human Rights Network says Anglin’s apparent return to Twitter is concerning.

“We know that the bench warrant that was recently decided against him isn’t for ideas or words,” Devries said. “It’s for harmful actions he’s taken and we know the damage that he’s done in this state and elsewhere.”

In 2016, Anglin called for a “troll storm” against a Jewish Whitefish realtor, who later sued him for the subsequent death threats and harassment. That harassment also spilled over into the wider Flathead Jewish community. A court ordered Anglin to pay $14 million in damages. Anglin never paid or appeared in court, anda judge recently issued a warrant for his arrest.

Anglin’s whereabouts are currently unknown.
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Aaron is Montana Public Radio's Flathead reporter.