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"I Sat Down With:" A 94-Year-Old Montanan Who Drives Hours to Visit Her Little Sister

A black and white photo of an older woman sitting on a step.
Mia Mckinney
University of Montana
A photo of Midge Jarrett taken by student Mia Mckinney.


“I Sat Down With...” is a series from the University of Montana Journalism School and is reported, written and produced by students.

Student Mia McKinney recently sat down with Midge Jarrett, who, at 94 years old, regularly drove from Missoula to Seeley Lake to visit with her sister, Jan, at Jan’s memory care home. A few days after Mia sat down with Midge, Jan died. Mia went back to talk about her life with the sister she loved. McKinney brings us Midge’s story of sisterly love and responsibility, connection and loss.