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"I Sat Down With:" Two Parents Whose Son Has an Extremely Rare Disease

A woman holding a toddler standing with a man and another toddler in a football field.
Tyler Grina
University of Montana
Callie and Tyler Ross with their two children, taken by student Tyler Grina.

“I Sat Down With...” is a series from the University of Montana Journalism School and is reported, written and produced by students.

Student Tyler Grina recently sat down with his former second-grade teacher, Callie Ross, and her husband, Wes, in Great Falls, Montana, about their son, Troy, who's 5. Troy has a lung disease that only about 10 people in the U.S. have. His mom discovered something was wrong during a routine stop at a Halloween costume store when Troy was in the backseat. Now, their lives have new routines and the future is both hopeful and scary.