Resounds: Arthouse Cinema And Pub, Pub Station

Mar 16, 2017

Arthouse Cinema and Pub owner Matt Blakeslee (r) and Resounds host Corby Skinner at the YPR studios
Credit photo courtesy Arthouse Cinema and Pub

In downtown Billings, two unique spaces have found new life as venues for the arts. What was once a Greyhound Bus depot is now Pub Station, a live music venue, and the old Center Lanes bowling alley has become the home of Arthouse Cinema and Pub.

Hosts Anna Paige and Corby Skinner hear from Arthouse Cinema and Pub owner Matt Blakeslee about plans to expand his one-screen theater into a three-screen independent movie house, and then speak with the Pub Station's President and Talent Buyer Sean Lynch and Vice President and Director of Marketing Ann Kosempa about their recently finished expansion that includes a new ballroom, doubling the venue's capacity.

NOTE: The Pub Station is an exclusive venue of 11:11 Presents, which is an occasional underwriter on YPR.