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Resounds: Douglas W. Smith

Douglas Smith in his home office in Bozeman
Anna Paige
Douglas Smith in his home office in Bozeman

Douglas W. Smith, the well-known wolf biologist from Yellowstone National Park, has taken on a new and slightly smaller and less dangerous species for his most recent book. Yellowstone’s Birds: Diversity and Abundance in the World’s First National Park is a beautifully illustrated survey of Yellowstone’s breathtaking bird life, edited by Smith and written by a team of renowned ornithologists and wildlife biologists.

Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the oldest and arguably the most famous national park in North America, attracting millions of visitors each year. While many come to the park for its recreational activities, the wildlife, from wolves and buffalo to birds, is just as alluring.

This new book, with 168 color illustrations and photos, brings together more than 30 leading experts to provide the first comprehensive survey of the natural history, science, and conservation of birds in Yellowstone. Covering most bird species breeding within the park as well as the many migrants that pass through, Yellowstone’s Birds is a scientific tour de force and an essential reading for visitors to Yellowstone as well as bird lovers everywhere.

Smith, who now lives in Bozeman, retired from his 28-year career in the park in 2022. He started working in the park in 1994 and took control of the wolf reintroduction program the following year. He has made frequent public appearances all over the country to discuss the wolf program.

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