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NorthWestern Energy will divide Montana’s corporate and legal structure from its business in other states

A sign reading "NorthWestern Energy" in silver type against a tan woodgrain background.
Nora Saks
Montana Public Radio/File photo
NorthWestern Energy is in the process of making some changes.

Montana’s largest electric utility is in the process of separating its operations in Montana from its other service areas.

NorthWestern Energy says it will insulate its Montana assets and finances from those in South Dakota and Nebraska by turning them into two subsidiaries under a new parent company.

Currently NorthWestern is a single entity that serves more than 750,000 customers in all three states, including roughly 380,000 electric customers in Montana.

According to a filing with state regulators, restructuring will create corporate and legal separation.

The South Dakota and Nebraska subsidiary will become NorthWestern Energy Prairies Corporation, and the Montana subsidiary will keep the name NorthWestern Corporation. Both will fall under a new holding company, NorthWestern Energy Group.

Sept. 23 is the last day for different entities to request participation in the regulatory process before the Montana Public Service Commission.

Kayla writes about energy policy, the oil and gas industry and new electricity developments.