Sally Mauk

Sally Mauk is a University of Kansas graduate and former wilderness ranger who has reported on everything from the legislature to forest fires. She also teaches broadcast writing and reporting in the University of Montana journalism school.

This week on Campaign Beat: Sen. Tester has some qualms about Bernie Sanders topping the Democratic ticket for president. Sen. Daines has no qualms about whether President Trump should stay in office. Former Montana congressman and U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke resurfaces. And Montana lawmakers revisit annual sessions.

Listen now with MTPR's Sally Mauk, Lee Newspapers Capitol Reporter Holly Michaels and University of Montana Political Science Professor and Mansfield Center Fellow Rob Saldin.

This week on Campaign Beat: who's ahead, and who's behind in campaign fundraising. A new ad introduces a political newcomer in the Senate race, and protesters challenge Sen. Daines for going all-in for Trump.

This week on "Campaign Beat:" Governor Bullock's presidential race is over - but Democrats still hope he jumps into the Senate race. Both primaries in the governor's race have strong challengers to the frontrunners. And U.S. House candidate Corey Stapleton comes under fire for a controversial newsletter.

If you have a complaint about something you've heard on NPR, Elizabeth Jensen wants to hear from you. As NPR's public editor, Jensen is the liaison between listeners and the NPR newsroom. Prior to working for NPR, Jensen covered media for the New York Times, the L. A. Times and the Columbia Journalism Review. Jensen is in Missoula to talk about journalism ethics and transparency, and she sat down in our studios with Sally Mauk.

CNN anchor and chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto has reported from hot spots around the world, including Russia, China and the Middle East. He's in Missoula to lecture about his new book "The Shadow War: Inside Russia's and China's Secret Operations to Defeat America." He sat down with MTPR's Sally Mauk to talk about journalism, politics and foreign policy — beginning with this week's Turkish invasion of Syria.

Veteran journalist, bestselling author and Emmy Award winner Cokie Roberts died Tuesday due to complications from breast cancer. In this 2009 interview she talks about her book We are our Mothers Daughters with MTPR's Sally Mauk.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is the latest candidate to join the crowded field of Democrats vying to unseat President Trump in 2020. Bullock waited until the Montana Legislature ended to announce his long-rumored candidacy. Now he'll find out if his statewide popularity will translate to a national stage. Bullock spoke with MTPR's Sally Mauk about his just-launched campaign and why he'd rather be president than a U.S. senator, and his positions on some key national issues.

Tonight on Capitol Talk: Big bills that passed, and ones that didn't; the split in the Republican party — and its consequences; Gov. Bullock's pending big announcement; and Attorney General Tim Fox's fondness for chicken.

Tonight on Capitol Talk: It was hard-fought, but Medicaid expansion will continue in Montana, and Gov. Bullock is celebrating the big legislative win. Moderate Republicans once again tipped the scales on Medicaid and other big items. Greg Gianforte appears ready to leave Congress, giving Democrats a glimmer of hope of retaking the seat. The Legislature is ready to wrap up after the Easter break.

Bills to continue Medicaid expansion — and to buy more coal — have nothing in common, unless you want one, or both, to pass. That fight, and whether transparency is good or bad for legislating top our discussion tonight on Capitol Talk.