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Resounds: Wes Urbaniak, Matt Regal, David Banuelos

Anna Paige

Wes Urbaniak is part of Montana’s ever-evolving folk music community. His distinctive “mountain folk” is defined by uniquely built instruments, which Urbaniak creates by hand. He has an evolving cast of bandmates who perform his original music for a dynamic and string-driven sound. In this episode of Resounds, Urbaniak is joined in the studio by ukulele player Matt Regal and bassist David Banuelos.

Urbaniak is a storyteller in his music, and writes of his studies of humanhood and the lessons life has taught him, a process he describes as “building up fire inside of himself.”

The message he brings with him is a simple one, but important: “The change in me is the change in you,” a theme that makes its way through his latest albums, Hippo + Crate / The Adelphos, his sixth and seventh albums, part of his primary work he is doing now, called The Long Walk.

Anna Paige is a poet and educator and co-founder of Billings Area Literary Arts, created from a desire to connect writers to one another and grow the literary community of Billings. 
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