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  • Parker Brown is multi-instrumentalist and songwriter specializing in double bass, electric bass, and guitar. He’s a touring musician who maintains a private studio in Billings.
  • Cara Chamberlain is a conservationist and advocate of animals of all kinds. In 2023, her latest collection of poems, To Gaze Upon Their Loveliness, was released by Finishing Line Press in Kentucky. The collection is full of poetic love letters, not to the natural world, but from the natural world. Chamberlain has long written about her love of animals and the natural world in her poetry, and she is also the author of Hidden Things, The Divine Botany, and Lament of the Antichrist in a Secular World and Other Poems.
  • Originally from Billings, Montana, Giano Cromley is the author of the young adult novels The Prince of Infinite Space and The Last Good Halloween, as well as the short story collection What We Build Upon the Ruins.
  • Filmmaker and documentarian Kirk LeClaire grew up in Billings at a pivotal time for music. In 2022, he released two albums contrasting very different musical scenes in Montana: bar bands of the 1970s and early punk, post punk, new wave and hardcore bands.
  • In a world filled with data and discard, Jane Waggoner Deschner has built a shrine to humanity. The Billings-based artist is a collector of moments, and she shares those experiences through discarded family photographs and phrases from obituaries. "They are about the life that someone lived,” she said during a discussion in early December with YPR at the Yellowstone Art Museum, where Deschner’s immersive solo exhibition, Remember Me, is on display.
  • John Zirkle is the Executive Director and Artistic Director of The Warren Miller Performing Arts Center (WMPAC) in Big Sky, Montana. The Center opened its doors in March 2013 through a collaborative effort of the Big Sky Community, Friends of Big Sky Education, and the Big Sky School District.
  • Ten years in the making, On a Benediction of Wind is a sparse yet lyrical work, in which poems and images become reflections of one another. With its emphasis on birds, the innate holiness of nature, and experiences shared by an unnamed couple, the book is an invitation to leave the distractions of the modern world behind—and listen once again to "the confessions of snow" and "the breathing of stones.”
  • Jamie Ford is the great-grandson of Nevada mining pioneer, Min Chung, who emigrated from Hoiping, China to San Francisco in 1865, where he adopted the western name “Ford,” consequently confusing countless generations.
  • Born and raised in North Dakota, Taylor Brorby is the author of Boys and Oil: Growing up gay in a fractured land.
  • Michael Haykin’s exhibition, Painting a Pandemic, takes the viewer on a visual journey into cultural behaviors, world and national events, personal experience, and the powerful effect of the COVID pandemic to magnify and dissect a changing new world.A Montana based painter known primarily for his large multi panel paintings of nature and of natural phenomena, Haykin introduces an extraordinary new body of work in this exhibition currently showing at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings.