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Resounds: Thomas Minckler

Corby Skinner
Thomas Minckler

Since 1972 Thomas Minckler Fine Art has been immersed in the assembling of objects relevant to the history of the American West. A noted historian, Minckler is a noted expert in 19th and 20th Century painting, rare books, historic documents and vintage photography. All of these disciplines are interrelated in chronicling American Western history.

For over thirty years, Thomas Minckler Fine Art has assisted museums and individuals in navigating through the challenges of building collections that embrace one or all of these aspects.

"Passionate collectors are responsible for gathering and thus preserving and making sense of our History and Culture. The significant libraries and research institutions of the world are in existence because of these great people and their findings."-- Thomas Minckler

Thomas is a third generation Montanan. After completing his college education at the University of Montana he moved to San Francisco. He began his career in 1972 as a hand colorist for a book entitled Historic Lithographs of San Francisco with Burger and Evans, who specialized in paintings and manuscripts of the United States. By 1974, Minckler returned to Montana and started his own business grounded in his passion for the American West and specializing in art, rare books, documents and vintage photography.

Thomas opened a gallery in 1979 in Billings, Montana and after 23 years, he decided to become a private art dealer with locations both in Billings and New York City. Minckler maintains a significant inventory of 19th and 20th Century paintings, rare books, historic documents and vintage photography.

He is currently working on a new book, Montana: A Paper Trail. Photos, paintings, rare manuscripts and commentaries can be viewed on his Facebook post of the same name. Weekly posts highlight many rare and fascinating bits of western history.

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