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Resounds: Gavin Woltjer

Gavin Woltjer at the YPR studios
Corby Skinner
Gavin Woltjer at the YPR studios

Gavin Woltjer is in his eighth year as the director of the Billings Public Library. During his tenure, he and the library staff have sought to adapt to the new library building, challenges related to the pandemic, the ongoing discussion of censorship, and expanding resources for the community within and out of the library.

Previously, Woltjer held the position of Dean of Library Services at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. He has advanced degrees and certificates from the University of South Dakota, University of Oklahoma, and Harvard University School of Education. Woltjer lives in Billings with his family.

Jennifer Corning is the co-host of <i>Resounds: Arts and Culture on the High Plains</i>
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