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The Yellowstone Art Museum’s artist-in-residence, Ben Pease, who’s Crow and Northern Cheyenne, strives to make people question what they see in his art.

Five To Follow: Week Of Feb. 18 At The Montana Legislature

Feb 19, 2019
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Lawmakers will debate e-cigarettes, internet speeds, rock ’n’ roll and more as the 66th Montana Legislature starts its seventh week of the session.

All committee hearings are open to the public, and anyone can comment in favor or opposition to a bill. Alternatively, committee hearings can be streamed live on the Montana Legislative Branch website.

Here are our highlights of hearings to follow the week of Feb. 18.

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Montana State University Billings’ new chancellor, Dan Edelman, joined MSUB in April of last year. On campus Thursday, he presented on the college’s strategic plan and its objectives. It’s the first of two meetings addressing the plan this month and next.

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As Congress considers bills to address the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women, reservation communities are tired of waiting.

Today, Northern Cheyenne tribal members are holding the third memorial march for a young girl whose body was found in late December, three weeks after her mother last spoke to her.

Montana State University

It may not be everyone’s epicurean delight but the brave and the curious get a chance to sample edible bugs Feb. 14. 2019, noon  to 4:00pm, at the 31st annual Bug Buffet at Montana State University.

When MSU began this sampling of edible insects in 1991, the treats received a less than enthusiastic response.

MSU entomologist Florence Dunkel, PhD, said that first year, 1991, only about 9 % of those who filled out the survey expressed an acceptance of the edible insects.

The Montana Department of Livestock is investigating bovine tuberculosis after three diagnoses with potential connections to Montana herds.
Cattle on Weston Merrill's family ranch

Montana saw a week’s worth of negative temperatures across the state this month.

YPR’s Kayla Desroches sat down with reporter Sarah Brown, who covers agriculture for the Prairie Star and produces Field Days for YPR, to talk about what that means for ranchers in the state.

Photo by Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - © 2018 Imperial War Museum

It was a war that ended a century ago. The visual images of World War I-- the war to end all wars--are silent black-and-white film.

Thanks to digital technology, and the creativity and dedication of well-known Oscar winning director Peter Jackson, there is a color documentary of what life was like for the British soldiers on the front line.

Some of the memories of World War I veterans:

“I was 16 years old and my father allowed me to go... “

“I was just turn 17 at the time...”

“I was 16...”

“I was 15 years...”

Social media has increasingly become a line of communication between authorities and the public.

The Montana Highway Patrol launched the Tweeting Trooper program at the beginning of 2018 for many of its districts. In January, the program assigned its seventh Tweeting Trooper to the Billings region.

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A documentary that draws attention to violence against indigenous women will be screened in Billings next week.

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Housing costs have risen across Montana in recent decades, to the point where residents are feeling the pinch between wages and their rent or mortgage payments, say economists with the Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research.

The unanswered question is: why?